What is this?

Steve and Daniel

This is the “behind the scenes” blog for the Instagram account @onesixthsteve. My name is Daniel Erkstam and I started the project with Steve in february 2017.

Things I have bought are under the category “Bought this” and things I made myself are under “Did this“.

For some time I wanted to start a creative project where I can excercise my own creative skills and found out that a doll project in scale 1:6 (same scale as Barbie and the action doll Action Man among others) would be a good way of practicing my skills in photography and handicrafts.

In my daily work as a digital strategist at a bureau specialized in social media and digital marketing I often have to be creative in the very different customer projects I am involved in. Therefore it is good I think to have an ongoing hobby project of my own to keep the creative part of the brain up and running and in good shape. It is also of course a lot of fun. 😄

Assistance in the project ❤️

I have also managed to involve some of my children in the project. My son Jonatan (24) is really good in woodcraft and have done some of the items for Steve. He have his own mini workshop in a double cabinet in his small apartment. And he is nowadays working with building amazing exclusive playhouses at the company Lektema.

Here is Jonatan and his mini workshop:

My younger children have also assisted me in some of the photo-shoots and video-recordings that would have been impossible to do on my own.

And my collegues at work have also given me a lot of good ideas to some of the pictures and stories. And my collegue Peter is a pro in treasure hunting at flee markets and have found some nice stuff for Steve.