Andy Warhols Barbie paintings

I have done a couple of remakes of famous paintings for Steve were Barbie is present in the motive as a form of cameo. For example this version of Mona Lisa or this version of “The birth of Venus”. That is the only way the original Barbie will be seen in Steves Instagram account.

But then I realised that the famous Andy Warhol made two different paintings of Barbie. So Steve needed them of course for his livingroom wall. I found two perfect miniature photo frames for the pictures and I printed out two small copies of the paintings for the frames.

Here you can read the whole backstory why Andy Warhol did the Barbie paintings. 

Andy Warhol Barbie Painting Andy Warhol Barbie Painting Andy Warhol Barbie Painting

These frames/paintings can be seen in a lot of pictures from Steves livingroom. Here’s a couple of examples:


Miniature pizza for dolls

When I was going to make pizza for the family I figured I had to do one in scale 1:6 too. But I needed a box for the pizza. I found some texture that I could use for the printout for the box but in the wrong scale. So I had to remake them for scale 1:6. Here is the printout if you like to make your own miniature pizza box.

And further down you can see a timelapse how I did the pizza.

miniature pizza miniature pizza box


A complete bed in scale 1:6

I made this bed for Steve early on. Inspired by an old commercial for “Hästens”  quality beds I made him a pyjama in the same pattern/fabric as for the bed, the pillow and the sheets.

miniature complete bed miniature complete bed

Used it in these posts (so far):


Time to go to sleep… #sleepy #miniature #onesixth #onesixthscale #nightynight

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Just gonna scroll to the end of the Facebook feed. Then sleep… 🙂 #sundaynight #insomnia #onesixthscale

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Got some scary stuff on the tapes last night from the surveilance camera 😉 #spooky #onesixthscale #sixthscale

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Mac book Air in scale 1:6 with glowing Apple symbol

I bought the mini MB Air from AliExpress together with an Iphone and an Ipad. (total price of $15). The Apple symbol was not right (probably so the manufacturer wouldnt get problems with Apple). And I had to get the Apple symbol to be glowing. So I remodelled the mini computer.

I scraped of the metallic color of the cover and also of the screen. Luckily it was made by white plastic under. So I just had to make a small Apple symbol out of tape and then spray on new metallic color on the cover.

Then I could take a small LED light (pale white) and a small 3V battery. When the LED light is on the Apple symbol is shining and Steve is also getting a perfect glow in his face as if he was looking in to a glowing computer screen.

Barbie scale macbook air with glowing Apple symbol

miniature mac book air

This mini MB Air have been used in these posts (so far):

Love my 1:6 scale mini MB Air 😉 #onesixthphotography #onesixth #barbiescale #apple

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Lazy sunday in my new onepiece… #lazysunday #onesixthscale #miniature #macbookair

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Just a few more things. Then it is time to check out for the weekend. #onesixth #onesixthscale #miniature

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All work and no play makes Steve a dull boy… #onesixthscale #dollfurniture #onesixthfurniture #justdollfurniture

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Mini sofa table

I did this miniature sofa table out of ice-cream sticks and barbeque sticks. Just some dark wood color on it after so it got the nice teak color.

mini table miniature sofa table