Miniature Burton snowboard

I got some stuff on the flee market for a 90′ Action man doll. Among the stuff where this set of ski clothing and a very ugly snowboard:

snowboard Action man

I figured I hade to make him a bit more realistic snowboard. So I looked up a nice model from Burtons latest collection. Printed out both sides of the snowboard in scale 1:6 and laminated the printout. Then I cut out the same size as the printout of the snowboard in thin plastic that I could boil to bend up in both ends. I then glued the laminated printouts of the Burton board to the plastic and then glued the snowboard binding to the new snowboard.

The very green snowboard boots had to be spray painted black.

The clothing had to do even if they are a bit 90’s…

Snowboard in miniature scale

Here you can see Steve in action in the snow last winter. I took the picture one rare morning when we had got about 15 cm of snow during the night:


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