Mac book Air in scale 1:6 with glowing Apple symbol

I bought the mini MB Air from AliExpress together with an Iphone and an Ipad. (total price of $15). The Apple symbol was not right (probably so the manufacturer wouldnt get problems with Apple). And I had to get the Apple symbol to be glowing. So I remodelled the mini computer.

I scraped of the metallic color of the cover and also of the screen. Luckily it was made by white plastic under. So I just had to make a small Apple symbol out of tape and then spray on new metallic color on the cover.

Then I could take a small LED light (pale white) and a small 3V battery. When the LED light is on the Apple symbol is shining and Steve is also getting a perfect glow in his face as if he was looking in to a glowing computer screen.

Barbie scale macbook air with glowing Apple symbol

miniature mac book air

This mini MB Air have been used in these posts (so far):

Love my 1:6 scale mini MB Air 😉 #onesixthphotography #onesixth #barbiescale #apple

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Lazy sunday in my new onepiece… #lazysunday #onesixthscale #miniature #macbookair

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Just a few more things. Then it is time to check out for the weekend. #onesixth #onesixthscale #miniature

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All work and no play makes Steve a dull boy… #onesixthscale #dollfurniture #onesixthfurniture #justdollfurniture

Ett inlägg delat av Onesixth Steve (@onesixthsteve)

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