A creepy clown in onesixth (1:6) scale

I have always thought that clowns are very creepy. Even the ones that are supposed to be funny. And when the remake of the old scary movie “IT” was the talk of the town I figured I should try to do a scale 1:6 of a creepy clown.

I had already ordered another $1 doll head from AliExpress that would be perfect for the purpose. So I just tried to make him look so much like the 90’s version of Pennywise the clown as possible. Do you think I got close enough?

doll head turned into a clown doll head turning into clown clown head creepy clown doll

The clothing was a bigger project than the head. I would have loved to get it to look exactly like Pennywise in the Tim Curry version from 1990:

Pennywise the clown

But I had to stay at “inspired by” Pennywise. Would have needed more red wool for the hair, smaller nose and a red balloon also to get it all right.

But it is still a very uncanny and creepy clown I got:

creepy clown in 1:6 scale

And what would a creepy clown be without a huge sledge hammer?:

One of the photos I took with my clown:


It would’ve been so easy to start a clown panic with this dude…
(I am not going to do that.)

Air mattress in mini-scale

For one specific pool scene I needed an air mattress for Steve. So I made this really quick and easy out of some waterproof red fabric I had and rubber foam that I just sewed in to the matress.

air matress in miniature air mattress in scale 1:6

Here’s the picture I needed the matress for. It actually worked on a real pool, but Steve looks just creepy without clothes on so there was no more than this shot:

Mocha armchairs in miniature

These chairs are made of real mocha. The frame is made of a seat in thick masonite and the backrest and bottom pillow out of thin masonite. The
mocha is glued to the frame/masonite.

comfy mini chair comfy miniature chairs

Here are the chairs in action in Instagram posts:

Miniature books and bookshelf

First Steve got himself a bookshelf and then I also needed to make some books for him. It is mostly fantasy litterature so far. And the books are made out of printouts of book covers in scale 1:6. And then I have just glued them on a thicker paperboard. The pages of the books are different numbers of layers of even thicker paperboard (from the back side of a notebook).

The rest of the stuff in the bookshelf are just bought stuff. Miniatures from a toy story.

Here are the posts where the books and the bookshelf are visible:


Steve, the miniature artist

I decided early on that there wasn’t going to be any Barbies at all in Steves life. Barbie have such an unhealthy and surrealistic body proportions and her stuff is totally useless and unreal for this photo project.

But I got an idea of a way of getting in Barbie as a cameo in famous paintings.

So I started a serie where Steve is making his own versions of famous art and where Barbie is present as a motive in the painting.

This get me to do some fun Photoshopping for his canvas. And I also had to make him a palette and a brush. The smock is made of a coat from a retro Big Jim doll I found at a flee market.

miniature artist miniature artist miniature easel miniature easel with the painting scream in Barbie version miniature paintings

Here are the artworks Steve have “painted” so far:

1. The scream by Edvard Munch in the Barbie-version.
(read more about the original here)

2. Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, the Barbie version
(more about the original here)

3. The birth of Venus by Sandro Boticelli, the Barbie sick body proportion version.
(read about the original here)

4. American Gothic by Grant Wood, The Barbie & Ken version
(more about the original painting here)

All of the paintings is in true 1:6 scale in the printouts for Steves paintings except for “The birth of Venus” that is originally an enormous painting 1,72 m x 2,78 m big.

Here are the posts where Steve is “making” these artworks:



Miniature Burton snowboard

I got some stuff on the flee market for a 90′ Action man doll. Among the stuff where this set of ski clothing and a very ugly snowboard:

snowboard Action man

I figured I hade to make him a bit more realistic snowboard. So I looked up a nice model from Burtons latest collection. Printed out both sides of the snowboard in scale 1:6 and laminated the printout. Then I cut out the same size as the printout of the snowboard in thin plastic that I could boil to bend up in both ends. I then glued the laminated printouts of the Burton board to the plastic and then glued the snowboard binding to the new snowboard.

The very green snowboard boots had to be spray painted black.

The clothing had to do even if they are a bit 90’s…

Snowboard in miniature scale

Here you can see Steve in action in the snow last winter. I took the picture one rare morning when we had got about 15 cm of snow during the night:


Miniature coffe mugs

My son Jonatan have done both the take away coffe cups and the miniature coffe mug for Steve. Starbucks is known all over the world. The other brand “Espresso house” is a widely spread coffe shop chain in Sweden.

These coffe cups and mug have been seen in several Instagram posts so far. Here are some examples:

A mini-desk and a chair in Barbie-scale

I made Steve a small desk and I really wanted to get the drawers  like real drawers that can be pulled out and that can contain stuff.

The desk turned out to be kind of high for Steve so the chair had to be high to. More like a bar chair in hight than a normal desk chair.

Steves desk and chair have been seen in these posts on Instagram:

Miniature weekend bag

I made this bag out of a pair of small striped shorts. The zipper is working so the miniature bag can be used for real. Now it is just filled with cotton to keep its shape. The bottom and handles are made of artificial grey leather/canvas.

miniature weekend bag miniature weekend bag

The bag have been seen in the following Instagram posts: