Andy Warhols Barbie paintings

I have done a couple of remakes of famous paintings for Steve were Barbie is present in the motive as a form of cameo. For example this version of Mona Lisa or this version of “The birth of Venus”. That is the only way the original Barbie will be seen in Steves Instagram account.

But then I realised that the famous Andy Warhol made two different paintings of Barbie. So Steve needed them of course for his livingroom wall. I found two perfect miniature photo frames for the pictures and I printed out two small copies of the paintings for the frames.

Here you can read the whole backstory why Andy Warhol did the Barbie paintings. 

Andy Warhol Barbie Painting Andy Warhol Barbie Painting Andy Warhol Barbie Painting

These frames/paintings can be seen in a lot of pictures from Steves livingroom. Here’s a couple of examples:


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