A creepy clown in onesixth (1:6) scale

I have always thought that clowns are very creepy. Even the ones that are supposed to be funny. And when the remake of the old scary movie “IT” was the talk of the town I figured I should try to do a scale 1:6 of a creepy clown.

I had already ordered another $1 doll head from AliExpress that would be perfect for the purpose. So I just tried to make him look so much like the 90’s version of Pennywise the clown as possible. Do you think I got close enough?

doll head turned into a clown doll head turning into clown clown head creepy clown doll

The clothing was a bigger project than the head. I would have loved to get it to look exactly like Pennywise in the Tim Curry version from 1990:

Pennywise the clown

But I had to stay at “inspired by” Pennywise. Would have needed more red wool for the hair, smaller nose and a red balloon also to get it all right.

But it is still a very uncanny and creepy clown I got:

creepy clown in 1:6 scale

And what would a creepy clown be without a huge sledge hammer?:

One of the photos I took with my clown:


It would’ve been so easy to start a clown panic with this dude…
(I am not going to do that.)

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